Headlights dont work but high beams do

so my low beams dont work, but my high beams do. my low beams work when my highs are on, idk if thats normal or not. would it be the switch 

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2005 Camry low beam headlights not working 1 Answer. My 2005 Camry low beam headlights don't work. They went off one after another, but not at the same time. I replaced the bulbs (they were burned) and checked the fuses - both left and right fuses are Problem with high beam lights | DODGE RAM FORUM - Dodge Oct 21, 2014 · My high beams don't work on my 2010 Ram. The dashboard indicator comes on but the high beams do not. The low beam and fog lights work fine. I've tried new bulbs. Is there a fuse for high beams only or do you think it is most likely in the switch? My high beams don't work on … Headlight works on high beam, but not on low? - Nissan Sep 01, 2015 · Headlight works on high beam, but not on low? Damnit, just realized you're in the States, and probably don't have DTRL. The setup for USA Pathys is simpler without the DTRL module that Canadian Pathys have, so there's only three things that can be wrong. My driverside low beam wouldn't work but my passenger would. The driverside low beam lights don't work but high beams do

Dec 23, 2018 · Why does my high beam work but not low beam KNOW MORE ABOUT Why does my high beam work but not low beam If it is the bcm there may be a code stored in memory if new headlight does not light up HEADLIGHT PROBLEM: High beams worklow beams don't Jan 03, 2013 · I do not think it is the switch inside the car the high beams work and the side yellow light work with the switch. I would think if it was bad on the low beam position the side yellow lights would not work and the same as the driving lights works but no low beam. SOLVED: headlights don't work but bright lights do work The lights are fused separately for high and low beam. The low beam fuse is 10 amp marked LO HDLP in the underhood fuse panel. This fuse is powered by the low beam relay. The relay is activated by the body control computer (BCM). If the fuse isn't being powered it may be a bad relay, wiring to the relay or the BCM. High Beams won't work but low beams work - Exterior Forum Feb 03, 2008 · High Beams won't work but low beams work. -The high beam indicator functions properly. -The DRL's work fine and light up normal, and yet they take wattage from the high beams that don't work. -Both headlights have been replaced and only low beams work, and I bought three brand new sets to make sure it wasn't the bulbs.

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May 21, 2011 · My headlights work fine, as do the round driving lights in the bumper. Neither high-beam comes on however; I tested the bulbs and the fuses yesterday with a …

Audi A4 - Low Beams dont work, but high beems do! Help Please! - Okay, so here is the deal. When it started to get cold out about a month ago, my low beams  29 Jun 2010 I have a similar issue: Low beams won't work (both sides happened on the same day -- definitely not the bulbs), but high beams do work (so do  2 Jun 2004 Fog lights do not work with High beams on. High beams off, fog lights work. High beams came on when activated but NO low beams. I get NO  20 Mar 2005 My drivers side headlight is out. It works on high beams but not low. I replaced the bulb and it is still not working. Any thoughts? Also, when I put  Volvo 240, 740 & 940 - High beams work, low beams don't - I drive a '90 Dunno, but if anyone does have any idea it would be realy helpful.

The headlights are a major necessity for your car and are needed in order to drive in the dark. Without the headlights, you would be in major trouble driving down the road not being able to see and with the law.

1 Sep 2019 If your headlight does not work we will explain what could be the Always check the headlight bulb when a headlight does not work but if headlight does fuse for front left high beam, and one fuse for front right high beam.

Consequently, the high beams might work, but the low beams do not. A burned-out light bulb could also cause low-beam lights to malfunction. However, this usually means that the headlights will not work regardless of the dimmer switch setting.